Google AdWords for Business

Google AdWords for Business

Do you need short-term results because your offers change dynamically? Would you like to expand your business beyond the local market? Google AdWords is the perfect solution to bring more traffic to your website. Find the best service for you!
Google AdWords for e-Commerce

Google AdWords for e-Commerce

Do you sell on the Internet? Are you looking for short-term results? Do you want to analyse the market where you will operate? Would you like to know which products will sell better?

Check out our AdWords for e-Commerce service!

International Google AdWords

International Google AdWords

Would you like to promote your business abroad? No problem! With our International AdWords service you will be able to operate in new markets and increase your sales. We can customise your advertising campaign into 4 different languages: English, Spanish, French and Polish. Start to reach new customers today!
Google AdWords Outsourcing Partnership

Google AdWords Outsourcing Partnership

Team up with Exelmedia and acquire a new qualified workforce for your company. Outsource your Google AdWords campaigns and we will take care of them for you. Stop wasting your time and money. Let’s work together!

Effective Google advertising for companies

We are a Google Partners certified agency and we would like to show you what we can do for you and for your business.

Google Partner

Google AdWords advertising services

Google Search Network

Users looking for products or services start by typing their names into a search engine. The advertising campaign allows you to display your ads at the top of the main list of search results.

Google Display Network

There are more than a million sites where you can show your ads. Apart from targeting keywords, this network allows you to distinguish yourself by displaying your ads on famous sites such as YouTube.

Google Shopping Campaign

The best solution for your e-Commerce! Your offer will appear at the top of the main list of search results. Users will directly access the page of the product they are looking for, which will significantly increase your sales conversion.

Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing allows you to reach users who have already visited your site before. By using this tool, we can show them customised ads in Google Search or similar networks. This will help you to draw potential customers who visited your site in the past but did not buy anything.

Branding Campaign

Branding campaigns help your business to build brand recognition and reach potential buyers that type your company’s name in the search engines. It is also very helpful in protecting your brand from your competitors in both Google Search and Google Display networks.

Google Maps Campaign

Your company’s headquarters will be shown in Google Maps! When a potential client searches in Google Maps for information, your company will appear before your competitors!

YouTube Campaign

Your ad will appear on YouTube’s search results list! People will see your promotional clip either before or during the videos.

Gmail Campaign

Thanks to this AdWords feature, we can display your ad by messaging Gmail users. It is a great supplement to the Newsletter campaign, since the receiver can either forward the message to your site or save it in the mailbox.

Advertise with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a very powerful advertising tool which helps you to reach your customers more effectively, to know their needs and preferences, and to increase your sales. Take a look at the solutions that we have prepared for you:

AdWords for Business

AdWords for Business

Would you like to grow faster and increase your number of customers? Are you looking for short-term results without signing a long-term contract? Try advertising in Google with us!

AdWords for e-Commerce

AdWords for e-Commerce

Selling online has never been so easy and effective! Thanks to Google AdWords you will be able to display your product’s site or your promotional videos and pictures. Get ready to show your products to the entire world!

International AdWords

International AdWords

Would you like to sell abroad? Google AdWords allows you to advertise your products all over the world. Expand your business by going deep into new markets immediately!

Google AdWords services designed specially for you

Exelmedia is an outstanding marketing agency that provides excellent Google AdWords campaigns and very helpful customer service. Thank you very much to all the team!
Waldemar Leja

Entrepreneur, Colway International

The right people, in the right place, at the right time! Exelmedia’s specialists helped me to decrease the costs of my AdWords campaigns and to put them back on track. Well done!
Piotr Konieczko

President, Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów

From the moment that we launched our AdWords campaigns, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) immediately increased. Exelmedia’s professional help was essential in helping us achieve our goals. Good job!
Sebastian Cycuła

Chairman, Stowarzyszanie Dalej Razem

Would you like to know more about digital marketing? Read our experts’ blog!

5 Steps to a successful Google AdWords campaign

5 Steps to a successful Google AdWords campaign

How do I enter into Google AdWords' world of digital advertising? Just log in to Google AdWords, and after a few clicks more your customer account will be ready. Don't worry, Google will not hinder this process at all, since they earn money from each click your ad...

Google AdWords Sponsored Links

Google AdWords Sponsored Links

Advertising in Google's search engine is convenient and flexible: you choose when to start and when to finish your campaign, snd you can pause it at any time. Your ads will only reach the audience that you want to target, which will significantly increase your...

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