Frequently Asked Questions

Why is not recommended to start a Google AdWords campaign without the necessary knowledge and experience?

The answer is simple: it is all about your money! Each click costs money, and Google AdWords campaigns that have not been well designed are useless, unprofitable and very expensive to maintain.

Google AdWords campaigns run by amateurs (those who are not Google AdWords Certified specialists) tend to end up this way, since it is extremely necessary to analyse and improve the campaign constantly to get optimum results.

What preliminary information about my business should I prepare before our meeting?

In order to customise your campaign more effectively, we will need some information about your company before we start the campaign development. This is what we will need to know at first:

  • Address of your website.
  • Planned monthly budget.
  • Duration of the campaign (continuous or seasonal).
  • The scope of the campaign (country-focused, continental, global)
  • Suggested keywords.
  • Main goals of your campaign.


What is the Google Quality Score?

The Google Quality Score is the basis for measuring the relevance and quality of your Google AdWords ads, and it is calculated each time an ad enters the auction.

Many factors are taken into consideration when calculating the Quality Score, such as past click-through rate, the relevance between the keyword and your ad, your maximum bid, the quality of your landing page, etc.

Optimising your AdWords campaign will help boost your Quality Score and achieve a higher ad position at a lower cost.

How can I check if my Google AdWords campaign is currently active?

In order to know if your Google AdWords campaign is currently active, only use this tool:

Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnosis

This way you won’t affect the performance of your Google AdWords advertising campaign.

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