Advertising in Google’s search engine is convenient and flexible: you choose when to start and when to finish your campaign, snd you can pause it at any time. Your ads will only reach the audience that you want to target, which will significantly increase your profits.


What is Google AdWords?

  • Google AdWords is an Internet advertising system.
  • It has the highest ROI (Return on Investment) among all the other digital advertising systems.
  • It is essential for your business, since the Internet is the advertising system with the fastest growth rate.

Google AdWords main features:

  • Full control over your campaign – you decide when to start, pause and finish your campaign without any penalisation. You can also advertise only during specific hours or days of the week.
  • You pay only for the clicks that your ad receives, i.e. for the people who visit your site.
  • Precision-made ads – we carefully decide which words or phrases will trigger your ad in order to improve your campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Full control over your budget – you decide how much money you want to spend in one month, one week, or even one day.
  • Possibility of measuring the effects of the campaign and analysing its results. Thanks to Google Analytics, we are able to know almost everything about our potential customers and our ads’ effectiveness.
  • It has no boundaries. With Google AdWords you can advertise in your city, your country or the whole world.

What preliminary information about my business should I prepare before our meeting?

In order to customise your campaign more effectively, we will need some information about your company before we start its development. This is what we will need to know at first:

  • Address of your website.
  • Planned monthly budget.
  • Duration of the campaign (continuous or seasonal).
  • The scope of the campaign (country-focused, continental, global)
  • Suggested keywords.
  • Main goals of your campaign.

What benefits does Exelmedia offer me?

In addition to the certainty that Google Certified professionals will manage your campaign, you will also get:

  • Full support during the whole campaign.
  • Constant supervision of the CPC (Cost Per Click), in order to adapt it to your chosen strategy.
  • Daily optimisation of your campaign, increasing its efficiency and profitability.
  • Possibility of changing the content of your ads and adding new keywords.
  • Weekly general reports and monthly detailed reports straight to your inbox.
  • New customers for your website and more profits for your business!